Let’s get intimate

Pictures by Alison L.
Lingerie isn’t necessarily worn just to seduce your onlooker. When you feel sexy in your underwear, you also get this inexplicable feeling of self-indulgent confidence. Simone Perele offers what I look for – refined designs with quality materials (embroidery or laces in charming colors) and sometimes a touch of technology. I fell in love with their “Wish” and “Dream” collections. Here I share two of my favorite models.
Let me also take the opportunity of this more “intimate” post to reveal some of my career plans. The last six months seemed to “blaast” by. I have just completed my internship at a fashion e-commerce. New projects and experiences await me which may affect how this blog will be run. Over the last four years, the Blaastyle blog has taught and given me more than what I could have ever imagined. Thanks to you, family, friends and followers, I am living my dream! Before this begins to sound like a farewell speech, let me reassure (or warn) you I am not leaving the stage as yet. It is however time for me to take Blaastyle along another path and to another level.
I love sharing styling ideas through my outfit or trend posts but I now want to embrace the broader theme of “fashion as a lifestyle”. I have alluded to this aspiration in earlier posts but things get serious in 2016 in the shape of a new website. You will see steady changes over the next few months. There will be contributors working with me to create more content. I count on keeping you onboard in my new adventure, and I welcome your thoughts or ideas.