Escapade à l’Hotel Odyssey

Hotel Odyssey in Paris is a retreat right in the heart of the city. Indeed, I stayed a night at the hotel on my recent trip to Paris. (Side note: I rode with Blacklane and my driver was super nice to wait an hour because of the train delay – thank you!) Hotel Odyssey immediately cocoons you, bathing you in soothing lights of various hues. My room was yellow-themed with futuristic lines making you feel like you are in a spaceship. I took a restful nap and was soon up and about in the city. While I usually don’t hang about in the hotel, I never skip breakfast! The restaurant-café-bar is also softly-lit with a futuristic interior theme. This dark and cozy atmosphere is unusual for breakfast but turns out to be really charming. Later in the afternoon on checking out, I ordered a ride again with Blacklane. Another driver but just as welcoming as the first!