Le Café des Artisans, Lausanne

My Instagram or Snapchat (@blaastyle) posts let on how I love to hang out at le Café des Artisans in Lausanne. They are a family business run by brother and sister team, Amaya and Iggy who welcome each visitor like a friend. I usually like to go in the late afternoon or evening. But Inés and I decided to try out the lunch for this new Blaast Places shoot.
The menu offers a broad selection but my favorite is the salmon dish. For a change, I went for the plat du jour: a copious Jamaican-inspired dish called “Jerk Chicken”, served with a celery and carrot soup as starter. It was a scrumptious meal which I later discovered to set me good for the rest of the day!
Iggy did come to sit with us for an enlightening chat. Their parents also ran a restaurant, so they literally grew up in the catering business. As the name suggests, Iggy his and sister strive to use artisanal ingredients as much as possible without sacrificing variety. Here is an interesting side-story. When this location became available, it was subject to a contest with an odd requirement… that the winner would also be responsible for providing daily lunches to its upper-floor neighbor, a socio-educational foundation. Lucky them! The restaurant now also takes on a social-educational role of helping people in difficulties rehabilitate themselves by working as employees.
I recommend you to come here on its merits of delivering good food at good value in a friendly atmosphere. Think, as you enjoy yourself, that you are also supporting a great cause!
Café des Artisans
Rue Centrale 16
1003 Lausanne

© Pictures by Inès Monnet