Month: January 2016

Genuinely and Simply Catchy

Since a teenage I have always wanted to look different. I found in fashion a way to express this need. And I still do. Take for example, my faux fur. The unusually long white fur in an oversized design provokes all kinds of reactions from onlookers. Many are horrified and call me grizzly, some seem… Read More »

I don’t have an evening ritual where I decide on and prepare my clothes for the following day. I keep this struggle for the mornings. So on that day I just woke up wanting to wear these specific wide pants. So I put on a black knit, quickly tied my bandana, and added a little… Read More »

Winter Outfit for City Girls

Ever wonder why postcard pictures of a winter landscape show snowy mountains but rarely a snowed-in town? In part, that’s because snow in town is more annoying than charming. Traffic comes to a standstill and you slip in your slick city shoes. Yet, I love this magical moment when the town is blanketed in white!… Read More »

Where best to buy fashion? I am not sure if I know. Surprisingly, as a fairly tech-savvy digital native, I seldom buy online. Just as well, as I would otherwise end up broke with all that easy temptation! What about you? I am currently working on a new project and I need your help! I… Read More »

Dressing for the office

I mostly share here ideas of casual “go-to” and trendy outfits for daily activities. I seem to have overlooked one key activity for many of us: work at the office! Generally office dress codes allow or require attire that is compatible with the corporate culture and type of business. For example in IT, jeans and… Read More »

I started making (shopping) wish lists since my high school days. My best friends and I would look through magazines, discuss and highlight our favorite items. I would then cut the product images and paste them onto a scrapbook, or note the references in a detailed list. I started replacing the scrapbook with a picture… Read More »

Travel With The Scent

On a trip to Paris, I went along with my friend, Véronique, to find her a new perfume. I ended up falling in love with Vaara myself. Its unique personality wrings and titillates your senses – you can’t be indifferent. A whiff of fruity freshness and rosy sweetness gently caresses you before you are hit… Read More »

Fun with vintage

The persistent week-long rains left me with few occasions to shoot my outfit outdoors. I did find shelter last Sunday to show you how vintage can brighten up grim days. I stayed almost obsessively with my trusty black skinny jeans. Then, the oversize jacket, silky light pink blouse and bag are all vintage. I just… Read More »

Your Mild Winter Outfit

December and January usually find us wrapped in warm layers. One perk of the recent usually mild weather is that I can still enjoy wearing dresses. Here, I wear a long-sleeved black model with a large leather belt from (available here). You will still need an extra layer though. Here I have a vintage… Read More »

My Style Evolution

Looking at older pictures, I am astonished to see how much my style has evolved over the years since I started blogging. Of course, many of the visible changes reflected trends. However, I feel there has been a deeper change in how I view fashion. I once believed that one had to include extravagant, colorful,… Read More »