Dressing for the office

I mostly share here ideas of casual “go-to” and trendy outfits for daily activities. I seem to have overlooked one key activity for many of us: work at the office!
Generally office dress codes allow or require attire that is compatible with the corporate culture and type of business. For example in IT, jeans and sneakers are almost de rigueur if you want to blend in. At the other extreme, you can’t get too fanciful as a banker or lawyer. For the middle ground, here’s an office smart-chic style idea along with my tips.
First, the color. Go for a passe-partout neutral tone. Here, I wear black culottes with a gray fitted tee. You can swap the tee for a white shirt to brighten up. To look smart, the piece should be well-cut, the more structured the better. Avoid anything loose or shapeless. Classic items do the job well. Don’t forget to use the only-for-woman weapon: heels. If not overdone, they make you look both (femininely) serious and attractive.
The tousled hairdo may be cool but I keep it for Sundays or wild nights. My slick ‘n chic office style is a ponytail, bun or straighten hair, I don’t particularly dig deep cleavages or mini-skirts, even on off-office days. I trust a well-done makeup to work up the effect. For example, red lips draw the attention to your mouth. Here, I highlighted my eyes with a subtle but sexy gray smoky.
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