Genuinely and Simply Catchy

Since a teenage I have always wanted to look different. I found in fashion a way to express this need. And I still do. Take for example, my faux fur. The unusually long white fur in an oversized design provokes all kinds of reactions from onlookers. Many are horrified and call me grizzly, some seem not to care, and some love it too! I enjoy seeing these reactions and also having the snug feeling of a near-zero chance of crossing someone with the same look.
Extravagance can spill over to being outrageous or ridiculous, so I don’t overdo my outfit either. I style the faux fur with simple pieces. The lace-up cleavage has been so trendy. Until I had my new Romwe top (shop here:, I was afraid to look “overexposed” for the day. But it turns out pretty chic! I tuck it in my H&M boyfriend jeans, wear one of my favorite La Redoute boots and a black bucket bag. I finish the look with a tidy pulled-back pony tail and hoop earrings.
Beyond the initial reaction, the outfit actually looks quite simple, don’t you find? As Apple Computers once advised us in their famous ad, “Think different”!

© Pictures by Inès Monnet

H&M faux fur & jeans
Romwe top (shop here:
Gisel B bracelet (available at
Baies d’Erelle ring
La Redoute boots
GAP bag