My Style Evolution

Looking at older pictures, I am astonished to see how much my style has evolved over the years since I started blogging. Of course, many of the visible changes reflected trends. However, I feel there has been a deeper change in how I view fashion. I once believed that one had to include extravagant, colorful, or bizarre pieces to look unique. I have since learned how you could stand out wearing the simplest of t-shirts. This outfit illustrates how I now approach and interpret fashion.
I style my Balmain x H&M Turtleneck top with casual items to make it passe-partout for the day, like a dark gray jeans, and winter boots. I put on a warm Max Mara light-nude coat to brighten up the look. Finally, I take my small Minelli suede bag and match it with the beautiful DKNY watch (shop here: click!) I recently got.
The question now is whether this is a cycle (rather than an evolution) where I will one day swing back to more flamboyant looks!

Max Mara coat
Balmain x H&M turtleneck top
La Halle shoes
Minelli bag
DKNY watch

Turtleneck top