3 New Ways To Wear a Shirt

I love shirts – they are feminine, classy and polyvalent. However, wearing them over and over again can get boring. So here are three ways you can refresh the look of this piece.

Wear a turtleneck under the shirt, close the button at waist line and belt it. It is quite simple, but nice and practical as a weekend attire. Match it with a midi pleated skirt as bottom.
Now, let’s get a little more original…

Wear it backwards! I leave the back completely unbuttoned but tie the two ends into a knot. I tuck the tail of the shirt into the front of my boyfriend jeans. It may seem weird at first but you’ll grow to love it!

And now, even more original…

Wear it as a bare-shoulder bustier-style top. Wrap the shirt below your arms (with the sleeves hanging by the side) and button it as far up as to cover your chest. Make sure that the collar at your back is folded inwards and not visible. Take the two sleeves forward and tie them into a bow. Voila! A “shirt-bustier” to wear under a blazer or simply with jeans.
Here’s for the 3 new ways to wear your shirt!