Now you see, Now you get – Burberry’s move to revolutionize the fashion industry

The fashion industry may feed on creativity but it still sticks to certain traditions, like the seasonal Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections each year. Burberry created a buzz when it announced it would now depart from this fashion calendar and launch a combined men and women collection in two runway events a year. These “season-less” collections will simply be called February and September. That’s not all … A Business of Fashion (BOF) Imran Amed’s interview with Burberry’s CEO Christopher Bailey also revealed that instead of waiting the usual five to six months, the public can shop the full collection online and in stores immediately after the show! If you are interested to learn more about the underlying business reasons for the change, read the BOF article. In short, this new fashion calendar should work better for the stores and appeals better to customers (with instant gratification?).

This ground-breaking change raises many questions for all the industry players. Will this be the new normal as others soon follow? Will suppliers be able to cope? What is the effect on creativity of the collections? How will it affect us as shoppers? I want to hear your thoughts on this!

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