Fashion Bloggers Wear What They Show?

I was still doing university studies when I started my fashion blog with the precious little free time I had. Over weekends and late summer evenings, I could do a shoot with up to three outfits. I would get changed sometimes in my car and even in restaurants. Why did I go through so much trouble? Simply, I wanted to have new contents to share regularly. It took me a while to realize how stupid this was! I ended up showing how I would dress up rather than my real “outfit of the day”. For example, I wore heels only occasionally but yet would put them on for the shoot.
I approach my posts differently now: it is about giving inspirations, fashion tips or trend advice for everyday life. The looks I share are “real“. For example, when I show “3 ways to wear a scarf”, they are actually part of my outfits. However, there are exceptions when I work on special stories and editorials.
So, should fashion bloggers wear what they show? I guess it’s all up to each of us whether we prefer to do “showoff” outfits, or show real outfits of the day. On the theme of real outfit, let me show you what I wore on my last trip to Zürich. I went for comfortable pieces conducive for meetings and traveling. I must admit though that not all were appropriate for weather – I was shivering with cold in my sandals or pants! Luckily I had my Max Mara coat and La Halle turtleneck top (shop keep my upper body warm.

Max Mara coat
Sud Express pants
La Halle turtleneck (
GAP bag
Zara shoes (shop similar and
Dior earrings