Red Lips for Valentine’s Day

Isn’t Valentine’s Day a good excuse to put on your sexy gear! I leave the lingerie set, seductive outfit and killer shoes to you. I will focus here on how to enhance your look with the makeup, particularly a lipstick with a dark or red shade. It is not easy to draw a lip sharply or not to smudge the color. Let me share with you a few tricks I had the chance to learn from professionals.

1. Most makeup artists use a “primer”. It’s a transparent base, here in the form of a lipstick, but it can also come as a cream or lotion. Laying the primer before another cosmetic improves its coverage and makes the effect last longer. I use MAC and like it for its smooth texture.

2. When applying dark shades (and sometimes also lighter colors), professionals seldom start with the lipstick. They first draw the contour with a pen of a similar color to the lipstick. I start with the bottom-middle part, then the upper-middle part and finish by coloring the narrow outer lines.
3. Only with my lips shape nicely drawn do I apply the lipstick color by “tapping”. This helps to prevent the stick from smudging the color on your lips..

4. If you slip up in drawing the lip lines properly, correct that with a brush and concealer or foundation. Alternatively, simply thicken the lines and make them look sharper.
And now, no reasons to go full out and sexy on your makeup for Valentine’s Day!

I used:
MAC lip pen
MAC prep+primer stick
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire 022 lipstick
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer