Right Outfit, Wrong Feelings

It was summer when I last wore a mini skirt with high heels to go downtown. Instead of pants preferred for winter, I felt weird to wear my suede mini skirt with black tights and navy booties. Especially in Lausanne where people tend not to dress up and where flats are more practical for the cobblestone streets. Nothing fancy for the top – I went for a black sweater and oversized coat. This time, I felt seriously overdressed, and I naturally looked around to see what others were wearing to reassure myself. This feeling occasionally happens, though I know a confident dresser should make others feel uncomfortable! Ever felt you picked the wrong outfit for an occasion?
As a side note, I am excited to announce the release of the Blaastyle 2.0 in March (after working on it for ages). I am still open to ideas – tell me what you would like to see more of!
Zara skirt
H&M jacket
Mango knit
La Halle shoes
Givenchy bag
Vintage clip-ons