Tips for a Military Style

The military style keeps coming back on runways like a trend that never goes out of fashion. Inspired by army attire, it began after World War II when women would make wearing trench coat uniforms fashionable. Camouflage prints, cargo pants or army jackets then entered the everyday wardrobe. It’s a style which is both functional, edgy and easily-adaptable. The main colors of black, khaki or navy mix and match with everything. The cuts are structured, minimalist and fuss-free. Nonetheless, what are the do’s and don’ts?
Remember – it’s not a uniform but an outfit that can be a little fanciful. Go for pieces that include details such as cargo pockets, epaulets, golden button on jackets or leather straps. However, don’t overdo it either – keep it minimalist.
Play with the androgynous aspect of the style – mix feminine pieces with masculine ones. For example, mix a leather skirt with a khaki bomber and black boots. Or contrast cargo pants with a simple white shirt and blazer.
Go for fitted or structured pieces. Army attire is not meant to be sloppy – do you often see soldiers in oversized uniforms?
This is how I would do a military style with a touch of difference.
I go for my new khaki knit of H&M Studio SS16 collection (available in store this week). Although I can wear it as a dress, I prefer to add a feminine detail with a black lace mid-skirt. I keep the same color palette with a structured “manly“ coat, a suede vintage Gucci bag and Miu Miu sunglasses. I complete the look with original details of orange glitter socks and La Redoute cut-out boots. I let out a little secret behind that photo shoot – I was freezing. I should know better to dress for the weather!
H&M Studio SS16 knit
H&M coat & socks
La Redoute skirt & boots
Gucci bag
Miu Miu shades (SHOP them here:
Lina Poum earrings (from