One Scarf, Multiple Looks

Time to show you a new “HOW TO”! I choose a very simple outfit – black jeans, coat, and white top – to show you how you can style your gear with only scarves.

The trend this spring is to belt up your coat, preferably with a narrow leather belt. Why not give it a twist with a scarf instead. Take a big square model (as shown in the pictures), roll it tightly into a thin round band, and tie it at the waist line. It takes all of one minute.
Tired of wearing multiple bracelets? Replace them with two small scarves on each wrists. I already introduced the idea last summer. Tip: make the little bows stand out.

Lastly, wrap around your neck a really thin long single-colored scarf. I unfortunately don’t own one myself to show you how to wear it. It will look like a big choker and with both ends of the scarf hanging on each side.

© Pictures by Jenny Alissa