Biker Jacket Is a Must-Have

There are few items you MUST have in your closet – the biker jacket is one.

We have to thank Irving Schott for creating the most enduring iconic outerwear of all times.  We take it for granted now, but it was the founder of New York City-based company, Schott Bros who first used zippers on jackets and produced the leather motorbike jacket in 1928.  With studied intent or just casually, he named the design after his favorite cigar, Perfecto. Who would have thought a single stroke of genius with tribute to tobacco could become a fashion statement. I am sure bikers adopt it as much for its style as for its functions.  If you don’t yet own one, let me show you why you need to order it,        a s a p !

I wear a Zara patchwork skirt, La Redoute beige long-sleeve top ( available in many colors here ! ), Miu Miu nude shades and other black accessories. Simple, feminine, but nothing much to this outfit… until I put on my leather jacket.  The cut and design immediately add structure to the look, and throw in a bad girl rebel makeover.  Lesson –  you can wear the simplest of pieces but just put on a biker jacket and you’re good to go.

© Pictures by Jenny Alissa
Editing by Romina
La Redoute biker jacket (SHOP HERE)
La Redoute top (SHOP HERE)
Zara top & shoes
Zara skirt
H&M bag
Miu Miu shades