My Days in London

I was last in London in the summer of last year to attend the LoveBox Festival with Diesel. We mainly stayed in the “hipster” neighbourbood of Shoreditch. This time, I went to the opposite side of the city, around Sloane Square. It may be just a few kilometers away, but feels worlds apart in atmosphere and scenery. Along with a picture diary I took with my phone, here’s an outfit I wore.
I was in London to visit a Swiss friend who now works there. I took this opportunity to meet a few agencies and brands I work with. Yes, bloggers and freelancers do enjoy the perk of being truly mobile and work from anywhere in the world! The foodie in me didn’t want to miss checking out new hot spots or returning to my favorites, like The Good Life Eatery. On the other hand, I didn’t do the tourist sights but simply walked about relaxingly to absorb the London vibes, all in this comfortable outfit.


My vintage leather jacket from Amsterdam was a hit with the Londoners. Several stopped me on the street to compliment it and ask where I found it. Otherwise, my look was quite simple – black jeans, black sweater, gray tee, and black boots. Oh, you might have also noticed my sleeveless down jacket under the perfecto. It’s from Uniqlo and is one essential travel item I would recommend anyone. It is almost weightless, fits in the smallest of bags, and is just what you need when you feel a slight chill.