Tips For Your Spring Look


Quality pays, at whatever price range, by offering better value. When I select clothing or accessory, I want it to last. I am glad GANT makes quality their trademark, right from the beginning. The company founder, Bernard Gantmacher, started with tailored shirts. He would offer designs with the greatest care for material and cut to the smallest detail. These unique pieces had the small letter “G“ marked on them as an assurance of quality. His children Marty and Elliot continued with this dedication to quality, and combined it with their sense of style. This is the winning formula that we come to associate with GANT.

I recently visited GANT at La Praille in Geneva to see their new collection. As inspirations for you, I composed three looks with the new pieces. Along with the video, let me share 3 tips on creating your spring outfit.



#1 Roll-Up Your Jeans – Wearing them the regular way is outdated. Remember to take a slightly longer cut so that the rolled-up jeans is of regular or only slightly shorter length. GANT has a broad selection of jeans in dark and light denim or colorful shades.




#2 LAYER LAYER LAYER – it’s never too late to be a layering queen! Here I layered 3 tops with the same striped print. I put on a shirt under a sleeveless top, belted them with another shirt, and all this under a coat… you got it?




#3 Wear a man’s shirt – although there is a lot to choose from in GANT’woman collection, I still find a man’s model to be a better option. I picked a denim blue model with white stripes. I marked the waist this time with a beige leather belt and put on preppy style blazer.


Hope you liked this latest styling video made in collaboration with GANT! More info on their website.


© Video & pictures by Roméo B.