Things to Know About Bohemian Style





Bohemianism is really about its unconventional, artistic and community spirit. The Bohemian Style in fashion reflects a freedom of mind and has very little relation to a lifestyle.  Paradoxically, the Bohemian Style seems to follow a “formula” and is also often defined by the presence of certain signature pieces or details . Here are five:

  1. Floral Print –  Any design will do, be it small, large, monochrome, or colorful
  2. Drape – Lots of loose comfortable cuts (for the feeling of freedom!)
  3. Fringes – Definitely with bags and shoes. I had a crush on the bucket design of Minelli boho collection!  The size is ideal – not too big or imposing yet swallows all my stuff. You should definitely check out their other pieces !
  4. Messy Hair –  In fact, the messier, the better.  It gives “bad hair day” a whole new meaning.  In my case I went so far as not to brush my hair but kept my I-woke-up-like-that look.
  5. Jewelries – Stone jewelries with turquoise and other vivid colors, and big “rough“ chunky metallic necklaces. I wear very little in this photoshoot but you should do the opposite.

The pictures are taken in the “Jardins d’Iris“ of Vuillerens, about 15km west of Lausanne. Though  privately-owned, it is open to the public and its gardens are renowned for its some 600 varieties of iris and daylily.  The magical scene at bloom time is definitely not to be missed!











© Pictures by Inès Monnet

H&M dress
Minelli bag