How Often Do You Wear A Clothes?

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I am not sure if this is typical of millennials or just symptomatic of our consumer age – when I like something, I use it intensively for a short period of time. In music, for example, I can replay a song over and over again for an entire week.  Not surprisingly, I tire of it soon enough and set it aside.  However, after a while (a few months or even a year later), I do revisit them and even “relook” them.  Last fall, I took out my old almost forgotten black jeans and cut them to make them look “trashy”. A piece I hardly wore became a go-to item again.

Here are a few of my current fav’s that I am wearing compulsively (before they also get put aside).  My La Redoute stripe blazer is very easy to wear although the design may not seem so. The material is light and comfortable. What I particularly like about blazers is that they instantly confer a chic look over any top or shirt.  Another is my Sheln lace-up top.

I wore this outfit recently to spend 24-hour in Zurich.

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What about you – how easily do you get tired of your clothes?











© Pictures by Inès Monnet


La Redoute – top
La Redoute – slippers
Die – bag
Superga – sneakers
ZeroUV – sunglasses