Bread&Butter 2016 – Be ready !

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The sneak peek I had of the Bread & Butter in Berlin last June (more in my previous article) surely got me eagerly awaiting and excited about what’s coming up this Friday. On 2nd September,  kicks off it’s first “trend show“ open to the public.


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A Fashion Trend Show for Everyone

Bread & Butter (or B&&B) started as a trade show for industry insiders. Last year, Zalando acquired B&&B and turned it to a “trend show“ for all to experience (get your tickets here). As fashion reaches out to an ever bigger audience, Zalando is bringing down the barriers – no more exclusive guest lists or velvet ropes getting in the way to fashion shows. Everyone can engage personally and directly with fashion.  So, what will actually happen during the 3 days of the event?

You can lay your hands on the new products and instantly shop the collections presented, in over 25 open-space shops called “brand labs”. The outfit I wear here gives a preview of the brands you will find there. There will be lots of opportunities to interact with fellow visitors, or simply enjoy the open spaces.

You know by now I am a party girl – I will enjoy chilling out during the show listening to techno, electro or deep house music curated and served up by Boiler Room!

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Zalando has planned 8 B&&B open shows of hot brands including Puma, Topshop or Hugo.  I am already sure this trip to Berlin will be a memorable one with the workshops and tech-innovations as such augmented reality.  I also look forward to staying at the Zalando Summer House and meeting up with other international bloggers.

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Selected – top (shop via Zalando)
Levi’s – Jeans (shop via Zalando)
Topshop – shoes (shop via Zalando)
Proenza Schouler – bag
ELI-O – necklaces


Bread & butter




© Pictures by Inès Monnet