Color-Corrective Concealer And Twisted Mascara



In a previous post, I said I would be telling you more about beauty trends.  Let’s start with 2 products that may totally change your makeup routine.

Until now, corrective concealer palettes come in shades of nude to match your skin tone and cover your flaws.  Green, yellow and purple – hard to believe that they are the palette’s new colors.  Master these new colors, you up your beauty game to a new level.

Here’s how it works.  Despite a color concealer that matches your skin color, you can usually still see a bit of the blue under the eyes, or the post-pimple redness.  So, instead of trying to tone down these blemishes, you overwhelm them with strong contrasting colors. Let me help you how to use these shades.

Green is opposite to red in the color wheel and are known as complementary colors.  Instead of one color overpowering the other, the two colors effectively cancels out each other.  For best effect, apply first the green over the red spot, and then layer a skin-toned concealer over it.

Yellow fits olive or tan skin to hide purple or dark-toned shadows. Although green would work better, I also like to use yellow to cover my redness.

Pale pink is helpful if you have a fair skin and you want to target blue-toned spots, especially dark under-eye circles. You can also use it as a highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, along your cheekbones or down the bridge of your nose. Always set any color you use with a powder that matches your complexion.

Peach can be a substitute for pale pink.  They both neutralize blue or purple shadows on medium-toned skins.

Lavender cancels out yellow tones. I have yet to master using this tone, but I know it works well for sallowness and hyper-pigmented spots such as acne scars.

Orangy-brown goes well for dark skins to even out dark sports


Color-Corrective Concealer


When I attended MAC cosmetics makeup lesson in Zurich, I was able to test soon-to-be-launched products. I discovered a new product that looks like your regular mascara but is actually genius. Turning the mascara cap will bend the brush (see pictures below) for a better application. The result is stunning – it curls and gives volume to your lashes without smudging or sticking together. I really recommend it !!


MAC InstaCurl Brush Mascara