The Backpacker’s Beauty Essentials

Backpacker essentials

“Backpacker beauty” sounds indeed like an oxymoron. Though backpacking is about travelling light (and in the rough), this city girl thinks you needn’t have to forego skin and beauty care. To keep my backpack light and trim, I did however have a hard time selecting my toiletry essentials (because every product seemed to be). I finally settled on these few.

Batiste dry shampoo is going to be lifesaver with my long hair ! Of course, I will also use regular shampoo and conditioner (not shown in the pictures).


La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Légère to moisturize my skin in the evening, and Effaclar Duo+ to get rid of unwanted pimple marks or redness. The brand even has a day version that is a little tinted (to go with almost all light-skin complexion) – love this product.


For daytime, I switch to La Roche-Posay’s A-DERMA hydrating cream with a SPF-20+ sun filter. As I expect to be outdoor in the sun a lot, I take along an after-sun product for both body and hair.


I left my micellar water at home and took instead makeup remover swipes. They are much easier to use and to carry than liquids. As a backup, I have La Roche-Posay mono-dose remover (to use with cotton pads).




This trip has gotten me so excited and happy that I haven’t stopped smiling. Ah, that reminds me that I should also keep my teeth white and clean.