Beauty Talk #1: Fragrances



I plan to dedicate each Wednesday to talk about beauty.  Hope this is the start of a new series where we will discuss makeup, skin care, beauty products and trends.  Let me kick off with perfumes.

We wear perfume, literally. Don’t you feel naked when you forget to put it on?  Throughout history, we always want to smell good (or at least not to smell bad).   Isn’t strange that we are universally attracted to the scent of flowers, spices and even animals!

Here are my current favs, grouped by types but in no order of preference.

Light & Fresh

Jasmin Immortelle Néroli  is the perfume that emerged from L’Occitane’s surprising partnership with the pastry chef Pierre Hermé.  The name of the perfume reveals its key ingredients: jasmine, the immortelle essence of Corsica, and the blossom of the néroli bitter orange tree. The result is a bouquet of floral notes with woody and musky undertones.

Modern Muse Le Rouge is a follow up to Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse (2013) and Modern Muse Chic (2014).  As the name “Muse” suggests, Le Rouge is glamorous and bold to be worn with confidence.  You will be spell-bound working out the complex layers of contrasts: rich rose and fruitiness against a blend of fresh flowers, sweet vanilla and earthy notes of patchouli and vetiver…

When I feel like wearing something more discreet, I go for Bulgari Rose Goldea created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas (pomegranate, rose and jasmine); Chloé Love Story eau de toilette with its subtle floral body;. or Rose Couture by Elie Saab is a smooth harmonious blend of rosy notes and orange blossoms with sweet and fruity overtones.  It comes in a nice pink-tinted bottle.






If you want to draw attention with a unique scent that stands out, then go for these.

Il Profvmo Cortigiana has an inexplicably delightful body.  You can detect whiffs of vanilla, iris and freshly-cut grass. If I had put an image to this fragrance, it would be that of a feminine and elegant seducer like Marilyn Monroe.

The Chinese Black Tea inspired eau de cologne, Bvlgari Thé Noir seems to be equally liked by men and women. Its character is defined by the dark smoky tea and woody patchouli accents, softened by rosy notes.





Personal Touch

Bvlgari knows how to please a woman, literally.  They delivered flowers and a perfume to my home, with my name hand-painted on the bottle!  Omnia Paraiba is named after a Brazilian turquoise-green tourmaline stone and inspired by the vibrancy of the Brazilian forest and beaches.  The fragrance hits you with an exotic burst of bright fruity scents with a base that hints of cocoa.  Not your routine perfume but one to wear you want to feel different and colorful.