Buy Less, But Better: What I still Wish

Buys Less, but better ©blaastyle




” The way we live now is edging towards a more sustainable pace in which we aime to buy less, but better. “

I can’t agree more with this statement from Navaz Batliwalla’s book “The New Garçonne, How to be a Gentlewoman.” (btw. I just started reading this truly inspiring book).  I am lucky to regularly  receive clothing, accessories and beauty products that I do not need to shop anymore. Nonetheless, as a fashion addict fascinated by aesthetics, I will still occasionally splurge on “investment pieces” which I trust to enjoy wearing over several years.  I am picky though.  Everything lies in the details: undisputable quality and finish, and a design that stands out.

The reason I am talking about this consumption dilemma is because my birthday is just round the corner.  I have saved up enough to spoil myself with the  “dream” bag that I’ve been wanting for years.  At the same time, my other inner voice asks if it is really a wise buy.  Well, I share here my wish-list that consists mostly of designs (some I have already featured), and that will happily find place in my timeless-wardrobe.  Also, more than just material things, I find myself seeking out lately for exceptional experiences. 

wishlist january 2017 ©blaastyle

January 2017

  1. Gucci Dionysus bag,
    J.W. Anderson Logo Purse
  2. Chanel pearl brooch
    A friend was wearing a Chanel brooch over a simple black top – it made the difference. I prefer the all-in-pearl models (mostly second-hand pieces). 
  3. Stella McCartney Elyse shoes
  4. Luv AJ Mini Croos hoops
    Why haven’t I ordered them instead of useless stuffs. 
  5. Ray-Ban hexagonal sunglasses
  6. Eli-O rings
    A young Swiss designer I recently discovered and am obsessed with  – check her out !
  7. A full-frame camera
    I still can’t decide what model to take.