Why I Cleanse Myself Regularly with Juices





I don’t do detox to lose weight.  We know extreme diets do not work. You may lose up to 3 kgs over a 5-day regime but you end up “eating your frustration away” and  put on even more weight.  Nor do I detox for the popularly believed but scientifically unproven benefits on the body. 

So why do I do detox?  Firstly, I do it for the challenge, like running a marathon – to be able to say “yes I can”.   I love the feeling of power over my cravings, that I am able to say no to the chocolate cake that is screaming “eat me“.  Secondly, the detox makes me feel better in body and mind.  Physically, I feel freshened and lighter, especially after the holiday season of excess.   

It’s particularly hard on the first day.  I feel weak and not up to doing any intensive physical activity like running.   I even suffer light headaches.  Oddly, I do not feel hungry, and when I do, I drink my juice or soup and I am fine.  This is the first time I test Detox Delight “3 Juices & 2 Soup” program.  I love this combination that includes a soup because I crave for at least one warm dish.  I find most of the brand’s programs of freshly pressed juice and soups rather tasty (but I am not a huge fan of the green detox program).  Their delivery system is great – I receive my juices & soups early in the morning.  

If not for the supposed benefits, try a detox just for the experience.  I recommend that you check out Detox Delight programs. They are also available in cities in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Dubai.










© Pictures by Marine M. / Editing by Romina


Mango – skirt & knit
Manor – coat
Nike – shoes (available at Titolo)
Proenza Schouler – bag
Avinas – short necklace
Thomas Sabo – long pendant necklace