Rooster kicks off the New Lunar Year





2017 will be a year of discovery and adventure for me –  I have just arrived in Singapore to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster (or fire chicken say some) and …stay for a year!  Why Singapore?   I am half-Singaporean and I travel here every year to visit my big extended family of grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  The more I visit, the more I love it. Singapore is often described as Switzerland of the east but with a feature that I  miss most in Switzerland – the big metropolis. My second home is about to become my first.    

What about Blaastyle?  I will connect to and learn about the active local fashion scene.  I will be sharing new insights with outfit inspirations (no more winter wear),  insider tips and fun facts.  My Blaast Places will go more Asian along with my travels.  You will discover how I may need to change my beauty rituals for the local climate. I have many project ideas but my priority is get settled first.  

Let me commemorate my move here with a parting shoot of an outfit I wore to brave the biting cold still hitting many parts of Europe.  I went almost all-black with my skinny denim, black turtleneck knit and my latest purchase – Mango boots.  For warmth, I layered a dark navy wool blazer and gray coat.  I stuffed my paraphernalia (computer, camera, beauty kit, etc.) in a built-to-last-forever Freitag tote bag from “True Blue” collection.  It offered the only dash of color. 

I might have a few more Winter outfits to share. But I suspect they will be more colorful from now on.  In the meanwhile, I wish you Happy New Year 新年快乐!   















© Pictures by David F. / Editing by Romina

La Redoute – turtleneck
H&M – coat, blazer & jeans
Mango – boots
Freitag – tote bag
Rosefield – watch & ring