Where To Travel Next ?


There is an unflattering joke that the best thing about Singapore is how convenient it is to travel to more exotic destinations.  I love Singapore as a destination in itself but I will also not miss out on chances while I am here to explore the region.  I have already been on family vacations to several places in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  Here is my current bucket list:

My 5 must-go destinations from Singapore


As a half Chinese-Singaporean, I am naturally drawn to China.  I also took a course at university where we discussed Chinese culture and Art.  For short getaways, I will have to concentrate on the cities.  My baby step introduction to China would probably be Hong Kong.  I would love its big city vibes but also its quaint street markets.  Next, I would head out to less hectic Shanghai to experience modern China with remnants of its recent past.  Just as Rome is to Italy, I cannot miss Beijing for China’s rich history. 

PS : I went to Hong Kong right after writing this post. Will be sharing my diary, tips & advises soon. 


Their official slogan “Incredible India” and enticing pictures did it for me.  I admit I am clueless about its history and culture.  So there is a lot of catch-up learning to do.  Visitors’ views about India seem to be rather polarized – one is seldom indifferent – you either love or hate it.  I will go there with an open mind.  


My cousins have told me about the wonderful clear blue water and white fine sands of the beaches of Boracay.  I know there are cultural sights, but I think I would prefer it as a chill out destination. 


Fellow backpackers on my trip to Vietnam kept telling me about these two “emerging” and backpack-friendly tourist destinations. I was told to expect equally breathtaking landscapes and historical monuments.   

I am sure you have already spotted the must-see places I missed out.   Love to hear your recommendations –  please leave your comments below…