Brother Bird, Singapore

Brother bird Singapore ©blaastyle


Sorry donut fans – I find it hard to get excited over donuts.  To me, they are just a sugary dough often topped with more sweetness.  That was my impression until I tried the donuts with a twist at Brother Bird on Bali Lane in Singapore.  This is a small restaurant-cafe with a dark but nice cozy and welcoming interior. It is known for its soft serve ice-cream and Japanese-style mochi glutinous rice cake combinations.   Vickii (a Singapore-based blogger friend) and I ordered their specialty, the mochi donut with soft serve cookie-butter ice-cream.   As the name suggests, it is made of mochi rice and shaped as a donut.  The way it is presented already hints at something special.  My first bite into it led to the rolling of my eyes and an insuppressible OMG!! reaction.  The donut has just the right level of sweetness (not sugary), and  the rice dough is more chewy (than the traditional flour dough) with a fine crusty texture as you bite in. The ice-cream is exquisitely creamy that melts you as it melts in your mouth.  The butter-cookie flavor mixes nicely with the mochi dough.

I definitely want to go back to Brother Bird try another specialty.  With the sheer number of great food outlets in Singapore, will I ever have enough time to go back?


Address: BrotherBird, 32 Bali Ln, Singapore 189868


Soft serve Ice cream on Mochi Donut, Brother bird Singapore ©blaastyle