My Hong Kong Travel Diary – Foodie and Reveler Delight

Where to eat in Hong Kong, Café Deadend, ©Blaastyle

Where to eat in Hong Kong? If you needed another reason to visit Hong Kong besides its vista – it is that Hong Kong is also a foodie’s paradise.




Street food breakfast    Start your day with a local breakfast of big flat steamed noodle rolls with white carrot and fish balls served with peanut and sweet sauce. The rolls have a smooth and tender texture in the mouth, and the taste is really in the sauce. For some, it may take a little getting used to as an 8am starter.

Classified   After the filling breakfast I skipped lunch and enjoyed a refreshing smoothie at Classified


Mana, Hong Kong ©Blaastyle


Mana   For a quick and healthy lunch, the restaurant-cafe offers delicious wraps and salads, with free water for all. It is also an eco-friendly place that aims for zero food waste, and uses only biodegradable packaging. If I were to live in Hong Kong, it could definitely be my everyday lunch place #healthyfoodlover.




Brunch Club   The deco is quite unique with an organized-mess of various interior object from magazine to smaller items. Yet, it is very welcoming and calming place to enjoy a wonderful brunch. The menu has a broad selection of tasteful dishes e.g. simple muesli for a light options or Egg Benedict served in different various.

Social Place   I love its upbeat Scandinavian-inspired modern decor. I learned it is popular for their dim sum and also serves uncommon dishes such as the roasted pigeon (which I tried). Not only exquisite, all courses were well-presented.

One evening, I went to the Mong Kok area close to the Chinese border for a dinner of fusion food. I forgot to note the name of the restaurant but I would definitely make another trip to the area with more time to take in the interesting local atmosphere.

ChiuChow Garden   A chain offering fine Chinese dining, I went to the outlet at Jardine House, Central. I was recommended to try their popular and signature dishes such as goose and wasabi fried shrimps. If you need help to choose, don’t be embarrassed to ask the waitress or manager. You may even get what feels like a micro crash course in Chinese cuisine!



Cafés & Sweet Treats

On the rainy days, I could not do much more than seemingly move from one café/restaurant to another. Here are a few I got fond of:



Cafe Deadend    This is an appropriately-named cute and charming bakery/café hidden in the cityscape of Hong Kong, I was delightfully surprised by their matcha. – a green tea blended with soya milk. I had a bite of my friends cake – it tastes even better than it looks, legit.

Lady M   It is worth queuing to try out a slice of signature dessert, the Mille Crêpes cake. As the name says, the cake is made of paper-thin handmade crepes layered with ethereal light pastry cream. A filling yet light sweet treat for your afternoon tea time or break.


oddies foodies, hong kong ©blaastyle


Oddies Foodies   You must really try their Gai Daan Jai. It is a popular Hong Kong and Macau egg waffle best served hot, often eaten plain, or sometimes with fruits, sauces (strawberry, coconut, chocolate), homemade ice cream, and crunchy butter crumbs. #DieFatButHappy

Drinks & Clubbing

Cé La Vi   If you prefer somewhere higher off the ground, you can enjoy a drink at this a rooftop lounge. It is high enough to offer an amazing view of the skyscrapers of the city (and make you feel tiny).

OMA   This is the underground music club for Techno lovers. You will quickly be soaking in the vibe of electronic and boom boom beats.

Hong Kong is famous for its evening skyline of skyscrapers and lights. You cannot leave Hong Kong without sampling its pulsating nightlife. I went to LKF, Lan Kwai Fong, a square of streets that house over 90 restaurants and bars which are particularly popular with the expats. The streets are closed to let patron happily enjoy the night into the wee hours of the morning.

I have but just barely scratched the surface of what Hong Kong has to offer to the foodie and reveler. That means I will have to keep coming back.