Travel Guide To Ubud, Bali

What to do in Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


Bali is one of these islands that you can choose to visit not for its beaches, but for its luxuriant inland tropical nature.  I am of course talking about Ubud.  Beaches in Bali are not particularly spectacular as beaches go, but Ubud is unique.  Here’s a diary of my 3-day long weekend – as ideas for your (next) trip to Bali.




What To Do In Ubud

High altitude swing overlooking the Ayung River – A simple idea sometimes turns into an unexpected and memorable moment.  Get your adrenaline rush and chills swinging over the deep emptiness of the valley with a view of the river.

Swing Ayung River, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


Tegalalang Rice terrace – The signature landscape of the rice terraces are a sight to behold. You should also walk about, up and down, to better take in the peaceful atmosphere  (and take lots of pictures on the way).

Tegalalang, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle

Tirtha Empul Holy Spring temple – A must see.  I was fortunately to be able to see up close a Hindu purification ceremony.  It is a spiritual experience to see adults and children gathering to purify their soul and body with the holy water of the springs.  No wonder Bali is sometimes known as the Island of the Gods.  It is hard to explain – go there, you’ll have to feel it for yourself.

Tirtha Empul Temple, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


Gunung Kawi Temple –  You will walk through the lush rice valley to reach this ancient Hindu temple. Its unique feature is the series of 10 tall candis (shrines) carved into the stone slope.  

Gunung Kawi Temple, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


Campuhan Ridge Walk – A nice way to start the day is to watch the sun rise as you take this long but easy trek.  Start at the top, walk down to arrive near the center of Ubud and be rewarded with a hearty breakfast.

Campuhan Walk, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Mandala Suci Wenara Wana) –  This is another must-see place in Ubud where monkeys roam freely.  Adorable as they are, the monkeys can also be quite aggressive – so be careful.

Monkey Sanctuary, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


Tegenungan Village Waterfall –  Do go there and even take a dip swim early in the morning before the crowds arrive.  Indeed, we got there too late and did not really enjoy the beautiful place.

Tegenungan Waterfall, Ubud Bali ©Blaastyle


Ubud Center Market –  You will find all sorts of locally-crafted souvenirs here, such as wooden art pieces and bags.


Spa Treat – Indulge yourself with all the spa treatments available – facial, massage or hair.  You can even go for the full royal 5-hour treatment…   Prices are mostly reasonable and service good.  

Looking back, it seems amazing that one can fit all these into a 3-day stay in Ubud, Bali.