Amba Hotel Ximending Taipei

Restaurant Amba Hotel Ximending Taipei ©Blaastyle


Thanks to the Amba Hotel group which prides themselves on hip and well-located establishments, I discovered two areas during my trip in Taipei: Ximending and SongShang.

Ximending is a hugely popular shopping area among tourists and local youths situated in west Taipei.  Often compared to Sibuya of Tokyo, there is indeed something for everyone.  Constantly busy with concerts and exhibitions, the streets teem with life. With the Ximend metro station nearby, it is also a convenient location for your hotel. Amba Ximending Taipei sits right at the heart of the pedestrian area within the Eslite shopping complex.

A theme of the movie and music arts runs through Amba Ximending. The hotel hosts small concerts or movie screenings in the common area. The decor also takes on this theme with its furniture and collection of vintage objects. The rooms have a minimalistic urban and industrial look.  I found it comfortable and loved their local brand of beauty goodies. The breakfast buffet was delicious (though as a fruit lover I wish they had a bigger selection).  I was delighted throughout my stay, not least thanks to the helpful and welcoming staff.  Amba will surely be my go-to hotel at either location.



Bedroom Amba Hotel Ximending Taipei ©Blaastyle

Breakfast Amba Hotel Ximending Taipei ©Blaastyle