The All-Season Winter Shoe


If there is a good reason to wear winter shoes, it’s Minelli. Why wouldn’t you? They are quality pieces in trendy yet versatile designs. Here’s a small selection that are available in Minelli shops in Switzerland.

I’ve been looking for a basic pair of moccasins, but I ended up with this model with mini studs details. The sole is flat and a bit slippery on snow (definitely avoid wearing them in the Alps). With its timeless look, the shoe isn’t out of place even on cooler summer days. As one is never enough… I got a second pair, more fun and playful with shiny silver leather. I love these “seasonless“ models from Minelli FW18-19 collection. Pssst, sales are on 😉

Next are the black “fitted“ booties that rise somewhat higher than usual above the ankle. The cut of the booties is “fitted“ to both the feet and ankle (épouse la forme du pied et de la cheville). The toe point is shaped straight or squared, very 90s, and also very trendy again.

Minelli Fall Winter collection is designed to keep your toes warm, but they are so good looking that it would be a pity to wear them only in the winter.