My Life In Tokyo – 初めまして。


It’s been ages since I last sat in a café to write a post.  I almost forgot how much I enjoyed blogging.  Why this long silence?  Well, I moved from Singapore to Tokyo in February 2018 to take up a job offer.  I decided to put full-time blogging and freelance on hold in order to gain more experience in the “corporate” world.  This Tokyo offer just seemed too good to pass up!   I regrettably also had to leave my artists association in Switzerland and start-up ventures aside.  The reason of my choice may be the topic of a next post.



My life when arriving in Tokyo had been both testing and exciting.  Knowing that I had to start work immediately and hence would not have time to house-hunt, I literally found in one day a nice and well-located little place (yes, apartments here are micro-sized) to stay.  Then there is the steep learning curve of the Japanese language.  I aimed to be fluent in it one day so I could immerse myself fully into this country.  I took up lessons with a charming personal teacher and earnestly studied almost every day.



The bustle of the city and the people I got to know kept me happily busy. Tokyo offers such an array of  cultural attractions, crazy outing opportunities, and great food.  There is also a big and active expat community. I know it is a cliché but it is also so true:  so little time and so much to do!



While I thought I would stay for a longer time in Japan, destiny decided differently. I relocated early 2019 in Singapore. And now that I have settled back in, I will be sharing again amazing moments, style tips and travel news.  Tokyo is gearing up for the 2020 Olympic Games – so we expect even more buzz.  But for now here is a picture vignette of my “Life in Japan”.

PS: I have opened an IG channel dedicated to Blaast Places. Check it out: @blaastplaces