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Bomber Jacket in the Heat

Pictures by Inès Monnet You always invent a reason to get something you really want (rather than need). A wardrobe must include a bomber jacket, I don’t own one, so I must get one, right? That’s how I convinced myself a few weeks ago to buy this Stefanie Biggel bomber jacket at the Showroom Edelweiss.… Read More »

Urban Wang x H&M

Pictures by Inès Monnet This second look highlights the urban edge to Wang’s sporty collection for H&M. One does not normally associate sports with leather pants. Usually tight-fitting, they do not pretend to be functional or comfortable, but often to look seductive (and even intentionally provocative at times). Wang’s about-face interpretation with a large cut… Read More »

Broken Rules

Pictures by Inès Monnet Rules are made to be broken, right? At least or particularly in fashion. I often discuss what to wear according to your body type. The common wisdom is to avoid oversized or maxi clothes if you are petite. Miroslava Duma (known for being very petite) still looks fabulous even in the… Read More »

The Magic of Autumn

Pictures  by Inès Monnet These pictures taken by Inès are just breathtaking. The sunny autumn sky radiated gorgeous colors to create a warm cozy atmosphere. We met up late in the afternoon and caught the last long golden rays of the sun. I wore my new Miopo shirt on which I tied a La Redoute… Read More »

Khaki Cape

Pictures by Inès Monnet Your best purchases are ones which always look trendy whatever the fashion. In my case, it is this cape I bought as a present to myself for going through the first semester of my 2nd year at University (always useful to find an excuse to buy something). I would never have… Read More »

Autumnal Light

Pictures by Inès Monnet Want to know a backstage secret of this photo shoot? I appeared to be walking daintily along the small street, turning around and posing. In reality, I was almost falling over every step I took. It wasn’t only fault of the heels and also because I was almost blind as a… Read More »