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The All-Season Winter Shoe

  If there is a good reason to wear winter shoes, it’s Minelli. Why wouldn’t you? They are quality pieces in trendy yet versatile designs. Here’s a small selection that are available in Minelli shops in Switzerland. I’ve been looking for a basic pair of moccasins, but I ended up with this model with mini… Read More »

  Flat sandals are comfortable, light and cool.  I find the platform models even cool-er. The heels confer upon them a less casual and edgier look.  I got my latest design from the Minelli Summer collection.  I love the fringe detail and stripes on the platform heels. They look heavy but are actually not! They are possibly my… Read More »

The Power of Accessorizing

At lost as to what to wear on a gloomy fall day?  It was how I felt when I put on my flared slit pants, white turtleneck and camel coat.  The outfit just didn’t feel right – it was too boringly classical.  Then accessories came to the rescue. I had these Minelli boots in cognac with… Read More »

Oh Georgia!

I own seriously too many pair of shoe. But I always wear the same models. Some of my favorites are from Minelli. The brand introduces new designs every season which adapt to every style and occasions. But there is more than the polyvalence that I like about the french company. For example, the good quality… Read More »

Chic for Spring

Pictures by Inès Monnet  I am so happy to be able to wear this H&M white linen ensemble that I received in the depth of winter. You probably recognize the blazer with Satin collar detail in previous posts though. Linen gets wrinkled easily but I like that it creates subtle differences in shade to highlight… Read More »

Spring In, Poncho Out

Pictures by Inès Monnet The great spring weather was a good excuse to bring out my favorite fringe Sud Express poncho. I got it in the late fall and could only wear it a few times before the cold struck. The layers you see underneath are a suede leather jacket and a white shirt. For… Read More »