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The Valentine Look for Singles

  It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate romantic love with your other half.  As I am single, it is going to be just another day as usual.  However, I want to dedicate this post to all girls/women who are still waiting for their elusive prince charming to show up, or who simply enjoy their… Read More »

What I love, day in day out

Pictures by Inès Monnet This outfit sums up pretty well everything I love to wear on a daily basis. Let’s take a closer look. I want first to highlight the new Adidas Stan Smith Honeycomb Gloss I recently got (available at Jelmoli Zürich). With the small detail of a honeycomb texture to the leather, this… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet On the days when I feel a little lost on how to dress, I fall back on my fail-safe mode – go for basics. While colors can “betray” you, black and white never do. On this sunny day, I slipped into a white maxi skirt and black cami top. I put on… Read More »

More from Less

Pictures by Inès Monnet It may sound strange coming from a fashionista but I am trying to adopt a philosophy of buying less but going for quality. So far I am succeeding! I created this look with a few wisely-chosen items. I am head over heels with this suede safari-like jacket. The quality is top-notch!… Read More »

Spring In, Poncho Out

Pictures by Inès Monnet The great spring weather was a good excuse to bring out my favorite fringe Sud Express poncho. I got it in the late fall and could only wear it a few times before the cold struck. The layers you see underneath are a suede leather jacket and a white shirt. For… Read More »

Hey Handsome!

Pictures by Inès Monnet Picture a Beckham-looking guy with 6-pack abs and ripped muscles. He walks casually down the street with a light cotton shirt, skinny jeans, slim-cut coat, sneakers and hip sunglasses. How often you have encountered this metro-sexual apparition in real life? So I thought – would I look just as cool in… Read More »

Neutral Palette

Pictures by David F. I used to wear a lot of colors, prints or diversified fabrics. I would say I am still as experimental now but more by exploring styles. Here I stayed to a neutral palette with a cream silk H&M dress, beige suede Sud Express jacket and my Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack aka… Read More »

La Muse in the Village

Pictures by Inès Monnet I am not stretching it too far to compare the charming lakeside village of Lutry to those you find in the South of France. We shot this outfit along one of the typical cobblestoned streets. The wintry spring light actually lent to the photo shoot a warm vibe. My outfit was… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet Adidas officially launched their Supercolor line a few days and I had the opportunity to see it first hand during their Swiss event in Zürich. More than that, I was spoilt with this pair of their sneaker in red! You might have noticed that when it came to shoes I hardly… Read More »

Casual Is My Uniform

Pictures by Inès Monnet I like “casual” so much that it is now my default look, like an uniform. When I went to Zürich for the beauty ride with Urban Decay and Uber, my uniform was skinny high waist jeans, a Red Valentino polka dots shirt, Joseph coat, both from La Muse boutique in Geneva.… Read More »