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Playing Tourist in New York

Pictures by Ken Moos Editing by me It is a cliché but I will say it anyway – I♥NY, even more so for me to attend the fashion week. This is my first outfit shot from the big city! I knew we would be walking relentlessly, so I came all primed with my scratch sneakers… Read More »

Fuzzy White

Pictures by Inès Monnet This fuzzy H&M white coat always attracts people’s attention on the streets. But what I care more about is that it keeps me warm. We quickly shot this casual and chic outfit before heading to Geneva for a few meetings. The bomber jacket and flats lent to the casualness while I… Read More »

Pictures by Inès Monnet Little Black Dress is possibly the favorite among my favorites of Swiss brands.  LDB is a wonderful story of two enterprising and talented women, Eliane and Joanna. As soon as Eliane knew she wanted to be in fashion design, she decided to do it from the ground up.  So she first… Read More »

A la Twiggy

Pictures by Inès Monnet Iconic model of the 20st century, Lesley Hornby better known as Twiggy, has always been a big style inspiration. Starting with her makeup. She had a way of drawing her eyes to look like a baby doll – fake lashes with a black liner on the lower eyelid, the crease accentuated… Read More »

How to Keep It Cool

Pictures by Inès Monnet On our last day in Chamonix with Swatch, we wanted to take the opportunity of visiting the glacier to shoot this outfit. However, Mother Nature had other ideas. The chill of the strong glacial wind would freeze your exposed hands in no time. So the shoot literally took us all of… Read More »

Night Out in Chamonix

Pictures by Inès Monnet The first stop of the Freeride World Tour 2015 in Chamonix closed with a celebratory party. I did not want to look overdressed for the casual evening out. Heels would be out of place and even downright dangerous in the snow. So, I mixed my evening embroidered skirt with a casual… Read More »

The Mountain Look

Pictures by Inès Monnet After watching the free riders in action, Swatch organized for us an introduction course to dog sledding. I had time to quickly change into a nicer yet warm outfit. I kept my ski jacket over a simple white shirt. I put over my skinny black jeans a pair of beige socks… Read More »


Pictures by Inès Monnet Certain designs are just timeless, just like the Jil Sander genius veiled beanie idea that I fell in love with. As the real McCoy was beyond my student budget, I DIY-ed a black one I found at H&M Men. It has since become my winter essential. This goes nicely with a… Read More »

Black and Beige

Pictures by Inès Monnet I would have loved to wear my maxi skirt with just a tank top. However, winter obliges. To break from all this black, I put on this beige-nude suede jacket. Although I own few clothes of this color, I enjoy wearing it a lot lately (as you may have noticed on… Read More »

Pictures by David F.  Editing by me Conventional fashion wisdom would forbid you to mix a mid-length lace trim skirt with a sweater-dress and a long Mao-collar coat. However, I believe the first rule in fashion is that there are no rules. Instead, have fun experimenting, make “mistakes” and learn from them. It was with… Read More »